Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Step 4: New Year, New You: Basic Write-Thinking

Okay, so we've identified our negative thoughts, recognized what they are and when they tend to be triggered and we've exorcised them. We're approaching each day with a more positive and proactive attitude.

This doesn't mean we're perfect--we may still slip from time to time--and that's okay. The point is we're getting better. Life's a journey and we're learning to walk our path this year. 2010's our year.

So today we're going to add a very simple concept into our personal arsenal--the dreaded self-affirmation! ;-) Why dreaded? Self-affirmations have gotten a bad rep because people who don't understand how they work and fit point out you can't change the world just by repeating a personal mantra. And (to an extent) they're right.


Although I believe the mind is capable of absolutely amazing feats, I also believe that what you put into something reflects back to you. If you just accept this "New Year, New You" as theory and think more positively, that's great. Things will improve in your life (and you'll be more capable of finding the good). But if you apply the theory your life will be even better! Self-affirmations work the same way: if you just think good things, that's great, but if you put action behind it it's far more powerful!

So, from here on out I want you to do the following four things:

  1. If you have a negative thought, spin it around quickly so it's positive and repeat the positive thought in your head three times
  2. Set a basic writing goal like: This year I will create deeper, more realistic characters.
  3. Use that writing goal as an affirmation. Every day at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bed (as example) repeat your affirmation twice.
  4. Take steps to make your affirmation true--do the work! Read a book about character development and practice what it preaches or take a suitable workshop or make a point of identifying powerful characters in stories you read and make notes about why they rock.
You can create as many self-affirmations as you like, but I suggest keeping it to less than five to start and repeating them frequently.

Later this week we're going to examine our desires--WHY we want to write and start setting appropriate goals. You can do this. This year is your year (and mine, but I'm cool with sharing ;-).

Take care!

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