Saturday, January 2, 2010

Step 2: New Year, New You: Start Thinking Write

In 2010 we're going to be doing what I like to call "write-thinking."

Write-thinking is important because:

  1. it muzzles your voice of self-doubt
  2. it allows you to write from the gut (or heart)
  3. it will tremendously increase your productivity

But how do we think write? ;-) Here's an activity I want you to try for the next three days.

Take a little notebook around with you (everywhere). It needs to be a cheap one you don't mind parting with later (or one you at least don't mind pulling pages from at the end of this activity). Every time you have a negative thought you need to write it down along with the day and time. It doesn't matter how petty the negativity seems to be, or who it is directed at, make a note of it. Do this for 3 entire days (or an entire week).

After you've done this part of the activity, come back for the next part.

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