Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Step 3: New Year, New You: Exorcising Negativity so You Think Write ;-)

By this point you should have kept track of all your negative thoughts in your little notebook for at least three days.

If you're coming up empty either you're a saint or a liar. Try REALLY listening to yourself. It can be hard at first--we're often emotionally disengaged. But you can't be emotionally disengaged if you want to write well.

This part of our activity will be longer because it's a part A and part B deal. So hang in there.


Take your notebook and look at it with a critical eye.

Most people are stunned after they've completed this part of the exercise. We think negative thoughts without realizing it. But it's a growing poison that infects every bit of our thinking and feeds our voice of self-doubt.

Are there certain things or people you are most negative about? If so, you'll want to think about ways to fix that. Is there a time of day you're most negative? Why? What does that time relate to? Consider how to make that time of the day better and smoother--something you look forward to more.

Think about it--can you really find the value in yourself if you're so often devaluing others? It's like the concept of how you can't truly love someone else if you don't first love yourself.

You're going to need to squash your self-doubt to succeed this year with writing, so start really thinking about what you're thinking and why.

In 2010: Be proactive. Be kind. Be understanding.

Now, write down some ways you can address the things that encourage you to think negatively so you can overcome them.

Like, maybe getting everyone out the door to school and work makes you angry and you spew negativity. Make a short goal of how to get things organized before that final push so it's not so stressful. If one stress stems from scrambling to get bookbags together in the morning, you could write a goal like:

Bookbags will be packed, checked and ready immediately after homework and will sit beneath the coat rack. Then you can breathe a little more easily about that issue.

So write some brief and proactive goals to help alleviate the stress that attracts negativity in your life.


Now, take those pages you filled with negativity earlier and destroy them. If you can do it safely, burn them, imagining all your negative thoughts going away with the smoke. If you can't burn them, compost them, thinking as you add the shreds to the pile that you will get many positive things to blossom in 2010 by getting rid of the negative.

I promise you, the more positive your thinking, the better your writing and the more opportunities you'll find opening up in your life overall.

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