Friday, January 1, 2010

Step 1: New Year, New You: A Definition of Write-Thinking

Some authors do their best write-thinking practice when they're racing through a rough draft, sometimes during NaNoWriMo or JulNoWriMo or GothNoWriMo or the Fast-Draft experience with author Candace Havens.

What's different about their thinking during those activities compared to everyday life?

They've shut down their internal editor.

We each have an internal editor (whether we want one or not). It's that niggling voice of doubt that sounds amazingly like the third grade bully or your tactless aunt or even, most crushingly, sounds just like your regular thoughts. But it's very important to realize what is you and what is the destructive internal editor.

Once you disengage that voice and just go with your gut you can get tremendous things done. I wrote two rough drafts in 2009 without my internal editor and they're strong (not perfect) but better and produced faster than if I had let my internal editor worry them to death from the beginning.

So, the first thing we're going to do together is correct the way we think. 2010 is the year to cut out your crippling self-doubt and muzzle the internal editor until we actually need her help. For editing.

2010 is the year to engage in write-thinking!

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