Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advice to Writers: Mark David Gerson

During the 2009 Dog Days of Summer BlogTour I had the opportunity to interview award-winning author Mark David Gerson. Here's part of that interview.

What tips or advice would you give aspiring authors?

Trust the story. Trust that whatever you're writing is smarter and wiser than you are, that it knows what it's about better than you ever could. One of the best ways to stay in that place of trust, and surrender, is by writing on what I call "the Muse Stream" — setting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and writing without stopping, leaving all thinking, editing, correcting and figuring-out to future drafts and revisions. The Muse Stream also helps prevent judgment, self-criticism, self-doubt and second-guessing — all potent causes of writer's block.

Also, write your passion. Write what excites, thrills, angers, fires you. Write what you care about. Allow your emotions free reign on the page. Write what you know — not in the traditional, superficial sense of that statement. Write what you know in your heart. Do that and you'll never fail to touch your readers. Powerful writing comes from what links us, and nothing links us more powerfully than our emotions.

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